Cross My Heart

01 Aug

Alright, so I had to wait for more things to happen so that I could talk about them, but the end of July got out of hand so now I’m a little behind.  But I have a plan!

For the next x number of days, I’m just going to do updates on a bunch of different preparation topics, as in-depth as I can make them.  That way, anyone who is (or is thinking about) doing a study abroad trip like this will get some insight into the process, and anyone who’s already done study abroad can snicker quietly to themselves about all the mistakes I’m making.  But hey, we live and we learn and we maybe waste some money here and there, ’twill be fun regardless : )

I would start tonight yet (I’m pretty pumped), but I’ve got Very Important company coming over soon, so we’ll start the ball rolling on this tomorrow morning.  Or at least tomorrow.  That is a most solemn promise.

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