Planes, Hotels, and Other Places I Won’t Be Getting Much Sleep

03 Aug

Meant to drop by earlier (desperately need to re-establish the habit of blogging regularly), but I got distracted by Ian’s Shoelace Site.  It takes seconds to learn the knots, but I was so fascinated that I kept untying and retying my shoes, so…yeah.  Sorry about that : )

This will be brief, but just wanted to throw out a little more info on the flight and initial accommodations.  Basic stuff, but I figured it was important to show my solidarity with anyone who doesn’t travel that much, and who maybe still feels a little uneasy about airports and about the idea of failing to get a hotel room and being forced to either wander a strange city until daylight or fall asleep under a bridge.  (Also, I’m writing for at least four separate audiences across the age spectrum, so probably best not to assume that everyone’s had experiences like this themselves.  See, I *can* sometimes remember to be considerate of others!)

Good news is, there is of course nothing to sweat.  As I said way back in…what, May? –I ended up on the phone with a guy who lives in the area (Tyler, and you should check out his blog), and we got online to look up airline tickets and then booked the cheapest we could find, heading out one day early so that there’ll be plenty of time to deal with anything that goes wrong.  You print the online ticket, you get your passport — boom, all set.  Plus, we later found out that another student will be going out on the same flight (one Jessica Marie, and you should also check out her blog), so it’s incredibly comforting to know that there will be at least 2 other people around to not-panic with.

Also, it is pure and awesome coincidence that Tyler, Jessica and I are the three people blogging for ACM.  But while I’m thinking about it (and because inserting links is fun), I’m also one of two people keeping a blog for Cornell College, so here is a link to Willi’s.  Click, read, all that jazz : )

Anyway, so we’ve got the flight booked.  I’ve only flown once before (by which I mean 4 flights making for one round trip), and it was awhile ago so I don’t really remember how airport security works.  BUT, I remember the basics (wear shoes that won’t hold up the line, have your papers ready, don’t put fireworks in your carry-on, remember that even concealed shanks will set off the metal detector), and I’m just going to cheerfully assume that the rest is not difficult.  Besides, even after I drive out to pick up Tyler and we both make the 3-hour trek to Chicago, we’re still going to get there with literal oodles of time to spare — so while paranoia has always served me better than blind optimism, I’m going to go ahead and say that there’s nothing to worry about.

And happily, the hotel is probably going to be even easier.  Jessica has pre-booked a room for us at the Hotel Duca d’Aosta (which is where the ACM program was going to have us staying for the first couple nights anyway), so all we have to do is decide whether to take the bus or a taxi.  And then we’re there and we can all pass out on semi-clean hotel furniture and start living out of suit cases — and I seriously can’t wait ❤

So there you go.  Easy planning for flights and hotels (and the ACM coordinator provides suggestions to anyone who asks), plus important directions are given in the ACM handbook, so just try to split the cost of a room with other people and you will have been as clever about this as it is possible to be.

And now I’m going to go back to reading about a series of highly gruesome political murders in the name of academia.  Cheers.

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