Deep Breath

26 Aug

So here we go.  Boarding the plane tomorrow, will be in Florence the day after that, and hopefully at some point I’ll be able to plug in my laptop and find internet without blowing anything up.

There were some parts of prep that I still wanted to talk about, but as I don’t actually know how well my half-baked planning is going to pan out, I figured I might as well wait and give advice from actual experience.  This is both a practical decision and a boon to my procrastinator tendencies, so win win and it’ll keep.

In the meantime, I’m still feeling pretty alright about all this.  I’m packed, I’ve got my backups and safeguards in place, I’ve got my ticket and my boarding pass and — well, bring it on, really.  Still a little sad that none of my family could be around for my last couple days at home,* but they’re out for a very good reason, and in any case a night spent watching Batman and making chocolate cupcakes with a uniquely amazing guy is hardly a bad send-off ; )

Bottom line, ready set go and I’ll get back in here as soon as I can.

Feeling like *!* XD <3.


*My little brother’s been in basic training down in Oklahoma since mid-June, and my parents set out early Wednesday morning to be at his graduation tomorrow.  Mainly I’m just disappointed that I couldn’t go down with them, especially since this brother just had a birthday on Tuesday and especially (if I may take a moment to brag on him) because he was named the Distinguished Honor Graduate of his class, which is a big deal involving some fine fanciness that I would have loved to see in person.  Oh well, he can still have lots of **interweb hugz.**

And btw, hi Parents : )

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