(Day 5) If I may now direct your attention to the right…

03 Sep

Friday, 11:50 pm

So I didn’t get to write much today, but I did add a couple extra features to the blog.  There is now a phrasebook section (where I’ll be throwing the translation of any Italian I use) and an event calendar (where I’ll keep a running list of the things we’re doing, so anyone who wants to can follow along and get a preview of upcoming outings).  I know not everyone needs or wants these things, but hopefully someone will be able to put them to use.

I’ll also round out a page of specific tips for future study-abroaders as soon as I get the time…but for now, a quick doubletake at the clock says “homg go to bed.”  The whole ACM group is actually taking a trip to Pisa in the morning, and I’ve got to get up at 5:45 to catch the bus downtown; as some of you may be able to appreciate, (early hours) = (horror) + (dismay) right now, so we’ll try to catch some solid sleep ahead of time and minimize the damage.

Oh, but another free afternoon/evening tomorrow, so I’ll be bahck 🙂

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