(Day 22) Mondays.

19 Sep

Monday, 9:50 pm

Brief updates are as follows:

  • Have a quiz tomorrow that may be about the future tense (as our teacher told us) but is probably about the imperfect tense (as everyone else’s teachers told them).  Study study *sigh.*
  • Trying to come up with a schedule for library work that can please 13 people with varying personal agendas.  Dare we go for the *double sigh.*
  • We’ve been having meetings to introduce us to our classes, and I’m getting very excited for my electives.  BUT, a fit of the “get-it-over-with’s” made me sign up for the first oral presentation in my Medici class…so now I (along with my presentation partner) have pre-class homework due this upcoming Tuesday.  And we’ll be studying for our Italian final Wednesday night and gallivanting off to Venice for the entire weekend, so this may not have been a case of especially excellent forethought.
  • It not only rained today, it hailed.  And then it was dark the whole afternoon.  Storms \o/
  • In October, in a town very close to here, there is a chocolate festival.
  • We are on break during the chocolate festival.
  • Pontifical lizard:

And I’m out : )

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