(Day 70) An Update?

06 Nov

Sunday, 8:09 pm

I have now been called four times on not having updated recently (even though the last one was Thursday), so okey-doke, here are my great secret doings of late:

  • Still homework.  Followed, usually, by a little *more* homework.  Still don’t know how I did on that Medici midterm from Tuesday, but I’ve just been doing regular class assignments and working on wrapping up the first big project for Weaving the Tale.  After working in the library for a few hours, this was my Friday.
  • Yesterday morning, Saturday, got out of the house for awhile.  This whole weekend has been one of rain and clouds and wind and The Ominous Dark, and I figured that Piazzale Michelangelo would be one of the nicer places to be under those conditions, so that’s where I went.  (In case I haven’t said, Piazzale Michelangelo is that place up on a hillside known entirely for its view, which is up-close-and-personal with Florence from just across the river).

  • It spit out a couple drops and got alarmingly windy, but didn’t rain so no harm done.  And, as a bonus for being there, got the surreal experience of joining a crowd of Italians to listen to a Native American band:

  •  After that, just a walk through the city and a game of count-the-pigeons.*

  • Today, I have literally spent about 90% of my time doing homework and finishing that project.  Which is now done, and manifests itself in 14 glorious pages that will account for 1/3 of my grade.
And…that is it.  I can feel your jealousy from an ocean away, but try to rein it in, okay?
As far as this week, we’re going to three places I haven’t actually been before, so that is automatically something I want to blog about.  And if anything else throws a blip on the Excite-o-Mat, I will happily stroll back in to ramble.  Otherwise you can assume silence to mean that I am either continuing the life of an ascetic academic or have been kidnapped by corsairs.  Maybe both.
Anyway, my brain feels kind of broken right now, so think I’m going to go dink around on the internet for awhile and give it time to recuperate.  Have a great Sunday night/Monday!
*When it becomes boring, you can spice up the pigeon-counting game by adding a second step, called ‘Guess Which Pigeons are Diseased.’  Or, since the answer to that is probably ‘all of them,’ you can also try to ‘Guess Which Pigeon Will Trigger the Next Global Pandemic,’ etc.  So many pigeons, so many questions, hours of fun at your fingertips ; )
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