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Day 104 L’ultima mattina e mi manca gia Italia

Saturday, 5:57 AM

And just like that…

Still haven’t even begun to wrap my head around it, but I’m leaving for the airport in one hour, and will be out of the country and heading home in less than four.

Had my last dinner — spaghetti al pomodoro, pollo, finocchi, biscotti.  Had my last celebratory glass of Vin Santo (which, out of all the alcohol I’ve had here, probably comes closest to being my favorite when it’s done right).  Finally learned the Italian word for ‘to return something.’

Took my last pictures with my host mom.  Finished packing.  Spent a few hours out on the street and on buses soaking in the last Italian I’ll hear for…I don’t want to think about how long.

This is not quite the last blog post here, as there are still at least a couple things I want to cover, but this is the last time I’ll be writing from Florence.  And all I find myself able to say is that this has been undoubtedly one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I already miss it like I can’t even believe.

BUT, flip side is that I’ve been away from home from far too long, and if I’m going to miss this city when I leave then at least I’ll get to stop missing everything (everyone) else.  And honestly, it’s hard to really let the melancholy sink in when I’m also feeling so ridiculously euphoric.  Home! Favorite people! Christmas!


So, Dear Everyone:

I’ll see you in 16 hours : D

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DAY 103

Friday, 12:15 pm

I’ve spent every spare moment since the last time I wrote doing stuff for finals week, and now I am DONE with every academic component of my semester abroad and I don’t even know what to do with myself.  But I’m going to go figure it out, and it is absolutely going to involve leaving the house, so just wanted to say that I’ll be back in later to start wrapping everything up and in the meantime will be trying to deal with the fact that I leave tomorrow.


…See you soon 🙂

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(Day 97) The Heartfelt *Headdesk*

Saturday, 11:40 pm

I am still working on the paper.  Incredibly, outrageously, horrifically, I am still working on this paper.  I think it may just have an ethical objection to existence, but that has never yet been accepted by a professor as a reason for not doing your homework.

Anyway.  Still can’t write much (which is very frustrating, as there’s actually a fair bit to say), but I’ve been taking photos lately and how about we just look at some pretty things and don’t think about typing anymore.


Alright, back in as soon as I can, and let us just acknowledge for the moment that A) it is December, B) we have six days left, and C) this means that I can only have paper + presentation + project + presentation + final exam + library + last-week events for so much longer.  C is obviously not the most significant implication of us being down to less than a week here, but turns out that it’s awfully hard to think grand-scheme-of-things when you’re on a deadline, so C makes me happy anyway.

…Yup, back later.  Buonanotte : )

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(Day 96) Sorry!

Friday, 9:33 pm

Apologies for not coming in to write when I said I would — and sorry for not writing now, because as it so happens we are still doggy-paddling our way through that river o’ work.

Doing a blog post will, if all goes well, be one of my many rewards tomorrow night for *FINALLY* finishing this paper and presentation, so I’ll try to get on that.  See you tomorrow : )

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