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(Day 9) Oops

Tuesday, 11:00 pm

So apparently saying ‘definitely back tomorrow’ makes my internet seize up into a hardcore panic attack, because I have been net-less for most of today while it rocked itself back and forth between hyperventilation and extreme lethargy.  Everything finally appears to have returned to a state of calm functionality (* insert squinty suspicion*), but it’s too late to actually do anything — so I’ll try to make it back tomorrow, but we’re taking a class trip to Fiesole (a very ancient town not 20 minutes from here), so it might be Thursday.  Or, since we’ve actually got a trip on Thursday as well, it might be Friday (D:) — but we’ll see what we can do : )

Have a good one ❤

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Update in Miniature

Apparently this is the week where people start coming over for those one-on-one goodbye visits, so getting kind of busy but in a very good way.

Only thing I can throw out quick is that we have finally entered deep-phase packing.  I have taken over my absent brother’s room and am currently transferring my rat’s-nest pile of personal possessions from my floor over to his, so now I can finally go to sleep every night without having to plow a path to the bed first.  Corralling will soon be complete, and next comes the sorting, the packing, the weighing, the repacking, the itemized inventory list of everything I’m taking and everything I’ll need to buy when over there.  Then the haphazard unpacking, because those are my actual clothes and I still need to wear them for two weeks.

Speaking of which, two weeks.  Aaaaagghhh ❤

Other than that, just continuing my reading and re-listening to all my Pimsleur CDs.  Pimsleur, again, would be the language program I’m trying, just to make sure I’m on the right track with my pronunciation and to get a couple phrases under my belt.  So far, the thing I am most confident saying is this: “Mi dispiace, sono americana e non capisco l’italiano.”  To the best of my knowledge, this translates as “I’m sorry, I’m American and I don’t understand Italian.”  If it comes out garbled…well, then that really only underscores my point, doesn’t it?

Still want to talk about money and intercontinental communication and academics (because I’m reading some of our class texts and they are glorious), but people-visiting comes first so I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

(P.S. — More ACM bloggers have joined the party, and the “Other Blogs” page has been updated accordingly.  Seek page, see links, begin frenzied clicking.)

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Cross My Heart

Alright, so I had to wait for more things to happen so that I could talk about them, but the end of July got out of hand so now I’m a little behind.  But I have a plan!

For the next x number of days, I’m just going to do updates on a bunch of different preparation topics, as in-depth as I can make them.  That way, anyone who is (or is thinking about) doing a study abroad trip like this will get some insight into the process, and anyone who’s already done study abroad can snicker quietly to themselves about all the mistakes I’m making.  But hey, we live and we learn and we maybe waste some money here and there, ’twill be fun regardless : )

I would start tonight yet (I’m pretty pumped), but I’ve got Very Important company coming over soon, so we’ll start the ball rolling on this tomorrow morning.  Or at least tomorrow.  That is a most solemn promise.

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Alright, so this here will be a blog about a semester of study abroad — I’ll be preparing all summer, will be leaving for Florence, Italy, on August 26th, and will hopefully be able to keep this up until the return date of December 10.  Fair warning that there will be ramblings, digressions, sarcastic frustration swinging into alarming enthusiasm, severe nerdiness and/or geekage, Italian language snippets, photos, lists, etc. ad nauseum, but if all goes well this should stay readable, so fingers crossed.

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